Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chimbas Stake Conference and Zone Conference

Chimbas Stake Conference is always very well organized. They have the highest attendance of all the stake conferences, around 800 people. Elder Zivic was presiding at the conference, he is in the Area Presidency of South American South Area. The choir did a lovely job of singing, and these children were part of the opening song.
Some of you might remember the story of Walter. He is now a friend of ours. He was the little boy who had a dirty shirt and unwashed face from last years conference. During my talk, Walter left his seat and came up and sat with President for some reason. Jim determined that the Lord was telling him something and so he asked Walter to come and stand next to him at the beginning of his talk. He spoke of the difficulty of so many to stay active in the church, and then he asked Walter how old he was (11) and then where his parents were (at home) and if he came to church on his own each week (he said yes) and then Jim asked him, but WHY are you here at Stake Conference? And Walter said, "because I am suppose to be here. This is where God wants me to be." I will say it again- just watch this little boy, he will be somebody great someday.
I took pictures with these sisters again at this conference. I had made copies of our picture for them from last conference and one of them opened their scriptures and the picture was taped inside. Again it is reminder that we are on the Lord's mission, and we are planting seeds of hope and desire in regards to missionary work. (left) Sandra, Abigail, Paola Rojas.
The wonderful Cataldo family. The three children in front are baptized, but the parents are not members. The dad and mom are working on getting married and the Dad to stop smoking. We hope that their experience in conference helped them along their way.

Another view of the scripture work table I had set up for my part of the interview time. They were cutting and punching holes in their practice cards for next months scripture chase. Happy faces! So you mom's stop your worrying, they have it all under control.
Our two Hermana's in Chimbas, Hermana Roman and Villalba.
Scripture Chase this month has been very competitve. Each month we add 20 more.
The San Juan Zone all decided to show their loyalty by wearing red ties. They are one of the only zones with no sisters. They are looking great in their position for Locura de Marzo.
Pre-lesson on talking and communicating- planning. They were trying to un tangle the mess of hands (everyone gets in circle and grabs hands from two hands across from them) They are put in two groups, they try having only one person talk and giving directions, then they do it again and they are able to talk to each other and figure it out with pre-planning. Of course the latter works better.
San Juan/Chimbas Zone Conference
San Juan Zone Leaders- Elders Smith and Mayta
Chimbas Zone Leaders- Elders Wajchman and Medina

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