Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Zone Conferences (minus San Juan/Chimbas)

A surprise visit from two former Hermana Missionaries. Teresa Arcos and Annalia Tolaba from Buenos Aires. We miss them terrible, but it was great to give them another hug and wish them the very best in their lives.
San Luis/Villa Mercedes Zone Conference
Zone Leaders sitting right side of President
San Luis- Elders Bodily and Vazquez
Villa Mercedes- Elder Smith and Mendoza
Mendoza/Godoy Cruz/Valle de Uco Zone Conference
6 Zone Leaders sitting directly in front of President
Mendoza- Elders Stevenson and Reynolds
Godoy Cruz- Elders Zullo and BriceƱo
Valle de Uco- Elders Mamani and Wiest
Guaymallen/San Martin/Maipu Zone Conference
Zone Leaders in front
Guaymallen- Elders Boyd and Gonzalez
San Martin- Elders Ayala and Rodriguez
Maipu- Elders Kirk and Paz
San Rafael/Alvear Zone Conference
Zone Leaders on floor
San Rafael- Elders Roy and Aparcana
Alvear- Elders Matson and Patterson
Work Station for Hermana Lindahl while President is interviewing. This months work station included gift of cleaning cloths and sponge and a quiz as to how to use them properly. Review of how they spend their money (most show proof in their daily planner), English homework for Latins, cut out and hole punch scriptures for the scripture chase for next month. Also receive new Book of Mormons, a red and blue pencil, book marker, scripture marking trail to mark off the chapters, and a great talk by Pres. Benson on flooding the world with the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon challenge starts April 1st, and just like last year, we will all read the Book of Mormon in 66 days, approximately the same amount of time Joseph Smith took to translate the records.

I know you are all wondering what is Hermano Arce doing singing to us again- he and his wife and daughter returned to the mission from Salta Argentina where they live, just to visit us. He brought his costume and guitar to serenade us. His wife is not well and so he brought her here for one last trip.

Jonathan Rastelli (in the middle) will be leaving this month for the MTC in Buenos Aires, hoping to get his visa so he can serve his mission in Venezula.
All our new missionaries who have arrived since the Arce's left the mission.
The scripture chase got a little heated. But all in good fun. This was a great way to wake them up after lunch. The competition is stiff, and we know they will come better prepared next zone conference, because no one knows who will be called up, or even if the whole zone has to find the scripture.

OK what is Hermana Lindahl doing in the zone conference pictures in her p-day clothes. Actually the day after our San Rafael Zone Conference we stayed and went through a local bodega and watched them pick, separate, grind, and store the grape juice in large vats.
First they pick them.
Then they separate them and pick out the leaves and branches that might have gotten in.

The grapes go into a vat that moves them into the machine that separates the grape from the stem.

The stems come out one side (this side) and the grapes go out the other side.
This is a mountain of grape skins. They shovel these into a truck and bring it out to the fields to make into fertilizer.
A stack of stems to be broken down into fertilizer.
The laboratory where the real work is done, testing the juice and it's fermentation.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sis. Lindahl, I love your blog! It is so much fun to read. Thank you for taking the time to write it out for all of us to enjoy and feel like we're a part of the Mendoza Argentina Mission. I love seeing all the photos of the missionaries. Thank you to you and your husband, Pres. Lindahl, for taking such good care of all these wonderful young men and women. Love, Sis. Moncur (Elder Matt Moncur's Mom)