Friday, March 26, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the Jarvis'

Sister Ruth Jarvis and Elder Kelly Jarvis from Heber Utah will be greatly missed in the Mendoza Mission. Let's just say our right and our left arm were just cut off. Sister Jarvis served as the financial secretary and Elder Jarvis and personal secretary to President and also a counselor in the Mission Presidency. Their assignments were many and they completed them well. So now we will rely on the Brown's for maturity and wisdom in the office, or as President likes to say, the indians will take over the fort! Notice all three carts are full of luggage, all belonging to the Jarvis'. This picture is priceless, it seems they have their whole lives packed up in these suitcases and now they are headed home to do...we don't know...and they don't either. But I am sure all their children and grandchildren will find a few things for them to do. Their family will be forever blessed because of their sacrifice and dedication in the building of the Lord's church.

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