Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Winner of Locura de Marzo- Villa Mercedes

Villa Mercedes took all the prizes this month. They won the Locura de Marzo game (March Madness) Best Zone statistics, and best district. Above is shown the Zone Leaders, Elder Mendoza and Elder Smith. We are so proud of them. Villa Mercedes Zone was just organized this year, being split off from the San Luis Zone.
Elder Sorensen and Elder Aschieris, both district leaders in Villa Mercedes and winners of the best district statistics for March. They will have their names engraved on the cup. These young men worked so hard for this. All of their numbers were perfect- on all key indicators.
We almost got the whole zone up into a pyramid. But what you don't see is Elder Redd climbing from behind. The next picture will show how well that went.
(bottom left) Elders Alvarado, Mendoza, Bills, Sorensen (middle) Elder Aschieris, Squires, Smith (top) Elders Garcia, Martinez (and almost Elder Redd)

So the March Madness game was based upon the regular missionary statistics, but played like the March Madness basketball elimination strategy. The winners- dinner with President and Hermana in the mission home and a Match Madness t-shirt (with a professionally designed logo by Ryan Lindahl) Second place- Alvear Zone, all awarded a hand signed tie by President (thanks to Tara Bowen) Third place- Ice cream party (paid for by Hermana Lindahl)
It was my choice as to what to cook, and I took the easy way out. Just a good home cooked roast beef, mashed potatoes dinner from the states (and yes that platter was full of meat five minutes before the picture was taken)
The bag game was a hit. To start there was a gift bag in the middle of the room. The missionary had to lift up one foot and bend down without touching the floor and grab the bag in his mouth. Each time the circle completed the task (eliminating as they went) the bag was cut down lower and lower until we ended up with a winner. This was Elder Squires who almost won the game.
This was Elder Squires after his last try.
Elder Redd for the win!
Elder Squires and Elder Redd with a winning pose.

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