Friday, March 26, 2010

St. Patricks Day at the office

Sister Jarvis, being from Chicago where they have a large population of Irish people, loves to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. She called everyone early in the morning and told them to wear something green to the office (I had visions of elementary school and being pinched if I didn't).
She and Sister Brown had put together a Green-everything lunch. Sister Jarvis made the cream of brocoli soup and green salad, Sister Brown made the green jello dessert and purchased every green colored food there was in the store. It was a fun lunch, and boy will we miss Sister Jarvis when she leaves. There goes the fun...
(left) Elders Cooper, Carter, Jarvis', Elder Rodriguez, President, Brown's and Elder Cabranes.

I know it isn't green, but Sister Jarvis and Brown have been passing these treats in the bread store since they have arrived and always wanted to try them. So the party turned into a goodbye party for the Jarvis' and Sister Brown bought this tray of desserts just so Sister Jarvis could try them before she left. As always, they looked better than they tasted.

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